Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Kids...Our Family

Today we have been a family of four for six months. We love it. We love spending time together as a family and it has been so rewarding being able to experience the love of our children. Mackenzie has changed so much in the past six months...she actually can sit up, laugh from her belly at daddy, eat baby food and is getting her bottom two baby teeth.

Camping is the new thing that our family LOVES to do. It has been great to focus on our kids and get away for a weekend. We purchased a travel trailer and have not regretted it since the day we purchased it. We are sad that we are done camping for the season and we are already looking forward to next year!

Go Irish!

I'm speechless...not real sure what words to say other than she loves us!

Tegegn has been acting like a dog for a couple of weeks now. He wanted dog food for a snack, served to him in a dish on the floor, like Dillon, my parents dog. The only trick Dillon can do is place his dish on the table...my son finished his dog food and then proceeded to place his dish on the table like Dillon. He was so proud of himself.

A walk on the railroad tracks to see the bridge always ends up carrying Tegegn home...I should have known better.

She looks stunned...it could be because Tegegn was in her crib giving her toys and she was not real sure how to react.

Go Colts! The season is underway...we are cheering loud for our team!

Our little dinosaur....asleep....

Tegegn LOVES his baby sister....it is hard to keep him off of her.

Everynight Tegegn begs us to go on the railroad tracks behind our house. For Halloween, he is going to be a conductor...he thought of this himself.

On Saturday we went to the Notre Dame game. Afterwards, we met up with our friends, the Bells. Tegegn and Hudson (both from Ethiopia) are best buds and are only 2 days apart.

I am so glad that memories last a lifetime. Until next time....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

What a 2 year old thinks...

Not a whole lot of time, but wanted to capture the moment.... So, I was taking Tegegn and Mackenzie to my parents house and on the way there I was asking him what he sees. He said, "corn mommy." I asked him what else he sees. I said, "Tegegn, do you see the bright sun?" He responded, "Turn it off, Jesus!" It was one of those priceless moments.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The backwards post....

So, I decided it was time to post pictures again...however, I wasn't thinking and I started posting in the wrong order....I thought it was more important that I catch up so I just kept going....

We have been busy....our kids have yet to slow us down. I love it! This summer we have enjoyed camping together. I'm not sure if many of you know, but we purchased a travel trailer one week after Mackenzie was born and we haven't stopped booking our weekends yet! We have found that it is great family time and we truly enjoy it.

We have also been doing a lot of other fun things....so instead of lots of words, here are the pics!

The Colts season has begun! Chris took Tegegn to the first home preseason game. He LOVED it. He also loved finding the horsey - Blue!

This boy LOVES his mama!

We went to the Monon Swim PArk with some friends and before we arrived we had some awesome pizza in Carmel. Tegegn had a lot of fun with the statues.

We went camping at Prophetstown State Park and took the kids to Columbian Park. How fun! Tegegn was worn out by the end of the afternoon. (He is bringing back the 80's sunglasses!)

Tegegn loving his baby sister, Mackenzie, on his bed in the camper.

Riding the train at the park. Tegegn was in heaven!

It seems to rain whenever we go camping, but that doesn't stop us from having fun. The joys of being a kid!
Our little girl is growing everyday. We count our blessings....

Our son LOVES his boots....and Woody!

Chris and I had a date night and went to the Jack Johnson Concert at Verizon. We had a great time and it was fun to be together!

In July, we went to Michigan with my side of the family for vacation. We had a great time! We even had the opportunity to go to Mackinac Island. Pretty neat place to visit....

My crazy brother and I on a midnight run to Wal-Mart in our PJs. Memories.

Earlier this summer we met up with some of our friends who we met through the Indy Ethiopian group. Hudson and Tegegn had a great time together. They are so funny together!

We went to Chicago as a family to visit the family we stayed with in Ethiopia. While we were there we bought Kenzie a Cubs shirt...of course, Tegegn wanted to model it....with a strange choice of shoes...

Our family continues to have lots of fun and create lasting memories. Until next time...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I took a break....

It has been some time since I posted anything on this blog. I decided that while I was on maternity leave, I would focus on my kids and not have the distraction of the computer. I can actually count on my hands how many times I logged on and it amazed me that I really didn't miss it that much. We have had so much fun as a family of four. We love camping and hanging out together. Mackenzie really hasn't stopped us from doing anything. We are still as busy as before and loving every minute. She has been a joy and fits right in our family. We look forward to watching her grow...(it amazes us how much she has grown already.) Tegegn is a great big brother and loves his baby sister. He helps us out with her and is still crazy fun and makes us laugh all of the time.