Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hospital Again?

On Friday morning, we brought Mackenzie back to the hospital to participate in St. Joseph's Healthy Beginnings program. This is a program where they double check to make sure that the baby and mother are off to a good start. Well, Mackenzie and I never left. We are still here in the hospital for two reasons...she lost 1 lb 1 oz and had high levels of bilirubin. We are doing much better today and hope to leave the hospital soon. We praise God that she is eating and getting the help she needs!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome Baby Girl Ponsler!

Introducing our newest family member....

Mackenzie Taylor
April 19, 2010
7lbs 3oz
20 inches
Born at 5:33 pm

Our first picture with our miracle times two! God definitely blessed us by allowing us to experience this pregnancy.

Our doctor told us that this was the second all his years of practice he has never seen this...her umbilical cord was tied in a pretzel and we are so lucky she made it into this world. Praise God!

Thanks to all of our family and friends for the prayers, texts, phone calls and love you have shown us during this time. We are so more ways than one.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It is that time already...

I can't believe that my time of being pregnant is soon going to be coming to an end. I continue to be amazed at God's grace and mercy. We will be going to the hospital on Sunday, April 18th and the plan is to have baby girl Ponsler on April 19th. We are excited to meet this little miracle and have her apart of our family.