Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It will be October when I wake up!

YAY! Rainy season will officially be over when I wake up in the morning! Praise God that we made it through the two months of waiting. We really do not have any adoption updates other than they will submit our case to the court and we will wait to hear what court date we will be assigned. We are still hoping for a date in October (towards the end of the month) but it is in God's hands.

We had such an amazing weekend. It started off on Friday night just being together. Even though we are often together at any opportunity, we took the time to go out to eat and just hang out. We had a good evening!

On Saturday, we set the alrm to get up and go to Indy to the Corporate Challenge. Chris's work, Wiley, participated in the challenge and he was in the tug-of-war competition. Even though they did not win their event, the company ended up getting 9th in their division. I was impressed!

Right after the challenge, Chris and I headed over to Fort Benjamin Harrison Park to meet other adoptive families that are or have adopted from Ethiopia. It was such a nice way to meet people that have been in our shoes. It makes the world seem so small. We hope to develop friendships with several other couples. It is great. Since children are such an important part of our lives, it is like we have a bond right from the beginning.

After we spent an hour at the picnic, we headed back home because my good friend Jolane was throwing a baby shower for me. It was spectacular! The theme was polka-dots and it was held at the chapel at MC. Some of my dearest college friends and co-workers were there. It always amazes me how generous people are when it comes to giving. Sometimes it overwhelms me because I love to give to others, but to allow others to give to me is somewhat difficult. Why? I guess it is how God wired me.

Our son is going to be spoiled! I love it! The ladies above showered me with love and him with presents. He is going to be a clean baby with more clothes than his mama with books to read, toys to play with, and a beautiful blanket to keep warm (knitted by Ashley). Thanks to all who attended the baby shower. It was so nice to see each of you and be with you for a couple of hours.

The COLTS had a bye week this week and I think it was much needed. Chris and I watched football on Sunday inbetween picking up the house, working outside and cleaning. Man, do I hope they can pull off the game this weekend.

My class is wrapping up and I am trying hard to finish it. I only have one more class to watch, a test to take and a paper to finish. I am so excited! It will be nice to not have to think about it for a few months.

The rest of this week is busy. We are going to take supper over to my parents because my mother had surgery on her shoulder. She is doing great. I stopped by to see her tonight and she made me laugh. I asked her if she was tired. She said, "no, not at all." I looked away for two seconds (literally) and she was out cold. I started laughing and she said..."stop laughing at me, I am so tired."

Please pray really hard that we will hear about our court date sooner than later. We know it is in God's hands...we are just getting really excited!


Katie said...

So I feel somewhat stalker-ish but as I surf the internet cause I can't sleep tonight, I found myself thinking about you and the shower this coming Sunday. I saw that you had a new post and got super excited when I realized what you meant by 'tomorrow is October' (and PS, by the time this does post rainy season WILL BE OVER!!) I am so thrilled that your time to officially become parents is coming much sooner rather than later. You and Chris are amazing, amazing people and deserve it more than anyone I know. I can not wait to meet 'the boy'!

Jess said...

the baby shower was FANTASTIC!!! there was a lot of love there in the room!! everyone is so excited for you! and that mother surgery story was histerical...take care of her :) love ya!

your blog said...

i miss you....i know it's only been 9 days....but it feels like forever....when will you come back?