Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Good morning,
Yay! Internet that is almost as fast as dial up!  Which is good.  Merry Christmas to everyone.  We had a good Christmas although it felt a little diffierent without the snow.  We heard it was pretty cold in the midwest.  Tegegn had a rough Christmas, he was very grouchy all day.  He likes to yell when he's not happy, and he did that for about 2 hours in the morning, then he had a rough night waking up about every hour.  We got through it though.  We think he might be waking up and getting scared and also teething.  We changed the routine a little last night and he slept all through the night exept to wake up hungry.  He is very happy this morning.  We gave him a bath before bed and put him to sleep a little later.  We are all learning what works best. We took him back to the pediatrition for a follow up visit.  He gained about .4 lbs and the ear infection was gone.  We have mentioned to our families but I don't think anyone else but we think he is younger than the birth certificate.  The pediatrition guessed about 10 - 11 months old right now.  He eats great, and the doctor said the weight gain was good.  He is a little under weight 9.1 kg now.  Yesterday we went to St. George Church.  All the church's are beautiful and we have been doing a little more shopping.  We try to go somewhere different each day.  The weather is great.  It is about 50 in the morning and around 80 mid/late afternoon.  It gets very hot in the sun, and we usually don't do a lot around that time.  We usually wear jackets and long sleeves most of the day as there is no humidy.  No one wears shorts, I have not seen anyone yet that is wearing shorts.  We usually go on a walk  every afternoon as Tegegn LOVES riding in the backpack carrier.  He also loves being outside!  We also went to Tomoca coffee yesterday as it is one of the more famour coffee places.  Very neat shop.  Sarah and I were jking that we felt like celebrities after leaving the coffee shop because we literally had 5 beggers and 3 people trying to sell things to us as we left and up against the car windows as we were trying to leave.  We joked with our host family that it felt lile poperatzie.  I plan to put together a long list of things to know while you are here for the families getting ready to travel.  We read about it from someone else before we left and it was very helpful.  We are located in the Bole region of Addis Ababa which is about 5 minutes from the airport.  Proably the region with the most foreigners that we have been able to tell.  We might go to Bole Mini which Duress suggested which is kind of like a diner in the US.  The have hamburgers and french fries.  We have been really good to stick with the tradional food which has been great.  And Duress we also bought some Mortabella last night which Sarah and I plan to have soon.  Everyone has been so interested in why we have a baby that's not like us.  Our host family says a lot of people say he is so they don't understand there is adoption here and then comment on how lucky he is to be with us.  We plan on donating the money we were given to either AHOPE orphanage which is a place that takes orphaned children with AIDS or a Hope charities, which feeds hungery children a meal every day.  We will also be taking all the supplies to CWA on Jan 5th when we go to fill out our paper work for the Embassy visit.  As you may or may not have heard Somomlia is very volitile right now so security is very tight in Addis.  Alomst everywhere you go there is security that search you and check you car.  We feel very safe though and our host family is whith us at all times.  I hope everyone is doding well and had a Merry Christmas.  It's crazy but I don't even know if the Colts are going to be in the playoffs.  I hope!
Love Chris and Sarah


ashley said...

loving all the updates! hoping the rest of your trip goes well and anxiously awaiting pics! :)

Jess said...

This is all so incredible! thank you for allowing us all to follow along on this amazing trip! Love ya!

jenn said...

yea for another updated. i think jess and i squealed a little when we saw one :). ha ha! it sounds amazing!!! love ya...m.e.

Deres said...

Thanks for the updates...oh Mortodella....I miss it so much. Some of the things you mention in the blog remind me of things I have forgotten. I will call you guys soon.