Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It will be October when I wake up!

YAY! Rainy season will officially be over when I wake up in the morning! Praise God that we made it through the two months of waiting. We really do not have any adoption updates other than they will submit our case to the court and we will wait to hear what court date we will be assigned. We are still hoping for a date in October (towards the end of the month) but it is in God's hands.

We had such an amazing weekend. It started off on Friday night just being together. Even though we are often together at any opportunity, we took the time to go out to eat and just hang out. We had a good evening!

On Saturday, we set the alrm to get up and go to Indy to the Corporate Challenge. Chris's work, Wiley, participated in the challenge and he was in the tug-of-war competition. Even though they did not win their event, the company ended up getting 9th in their division. I was impressed!

Right after the challenge, Chris and I headed over to Fort Benjamin Harrison Park to meet other adoptive families that are or have adopted from Ethiopia. It was such a nice way to meet people that have been in our shoes. It makes the world seem so small. We hope to develop friendships with several other couples. It is great. Since children are such an important part of our lives, it is like we have a bond right from the beginning.

After we spent an hour at the picnic, we headed back home because my good friend Jolane was throwing a baby shower for me. It was spectacular! The theme was polka-dots and it was held at the chapel at MC. Some of my dearest college friends and co-workers were there. It always amazes me how generous people are when it comes to giving. Sometimes it overwhelms me because I love to give to others, but to allow others to give to me is somewhat difficult. Why? I guess it is how God wired me.

Our son is going to be spoiled! I love it! The ladies above showered me with love and him with presents. He is going to be a clean baby with more clothes than his mama with books to read, toys to play with, and a beautiful blanket to keep warm (knitted by Ashley). Thanks to all who attended the baby shower. It was so nice to see each of you and be with you for a couple of hours.

The COLTS had a bye week this week and I think it was much needed. Chris and I watched football on Sunday inbetween picking up the house, working outside and cleaning. Man, do I hope they can pull off the game this weekend.

My class is wrapping up and I am trying hard to finish it. I only have one more class to watch, a test to take and a paper to finish. I am so excited! It will be nice to not have to think about it for a few months.

The rest of this week is busy. We are going to take supper over to my parents because my mother had surgery on her shoulder. She is doing great. I stopped by to see her tonight and she made me laugh. I asked her if she was tired. She said, "no, not at all." I looked away for two seconds (literally) and she was out cold. I started laughing and she said..."stop laughing at me, I am so tired."

Please pray really hard that we will hear about our court date sooner than later. We know it is in God's hands...we are just getting really excited!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Loving Life

Well, another week has passed.  I had a good time in Louisiana at Southern University.  I have to say that I do love the southern hospitality.  Everything is "yes ma-am, no ma-am."  I have to say it kind of catches me off guard.  Am I old enough to be called ma-am?  I took the students that were in the student program out to eat.  I loved it, it was bbq family style!  Afterwards, we went to this place called Coffee Call and had beignets.  Mmmm, good.

On Saturday, we had the opportunity to meet up with our friends, Don and Liz, at the Irish Festival.  It was at Military Park in Indy.  It was a lot of fun hanging out with them, like always.  We also had the opportunity to be with their beautiful daughters Anneleise and Emmeline.  

Chris and I have been in a bit of pain recently.  A tree fell in our yard and Chris was removing it from our yard earlier this week.  While he was doing this, I thought I would mow.  Well, everything seemed okay until about Wednesday.  Both of us starting itching like crazy.  Below is a picture of Chris and his allergic reaction to something he touched...

If you can't tell from the picture below, I have poison ivy again.  This time it is on my neck.  Somewhat uncomfortable, but it could be worse.  We ended up stopping at Med One in Kokomo to get a prescription for Chris.  I guess this means we can't be outside unless we are covered from head to toe.

Here we are trying on our back porch.  I am so excited for the fall!  We actually bought some apple cider at the store.  This is a sign that fall is almost here!  I am excited for the fall festivities.

On a sad note, I am not sure what is happening to my Colt's team.  I am still cheering them on loud and proud, just a hard loss today.  I think they need the bye this upcoming week to regroup and heal some of the injured players.  GO COLTS!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flyin' on a Jet Plane.....

I do know when I will be back again... That is all I know to that song. (I do realize that I swiched the words to apply to my situation) For those of you who know me well, I could listen to the same song 100 times and still not know all of the words. On the other hand, Chris can listen to it twice and know the entire song. I find that simply amazing. I also am not one to know song titles, artists, actors, actresses, or movies. The good thing about this is everything always appears new to me. For example, we can buy DVDs because I never remember the story line. It is like watching a new movie everytime. You gotta love it!

Anyways, I am at the airport waiting for my flight to go to Louisiana for business. More updates later...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blast from the Past

This post is late.  Time got away from me and so I have to recap what has happened over the past week and a half.  Last weekend, my friend Ashley and I went with our moms to a big garage sale in Wakarusa on Saturday morning.  Although we didn't find a ton of items, we had fun looking and trying to find the deals of the century!  I ended up purchasing a 2T tux for our little boy.   In order to make sure that he gets its use, I figure he can use it for halloween next year and be a groom or a preacher.  After looking at all of the sale items, we decided to go out to eat in Goshen.  We had a great time catching up.  After brunch, my mom and I went to The Old Bag Factory.  It was a neat place.  I which I could afford some of the furniture and pottery.  The time together with my mother was invaluable.  I really enjoyed spending time with her.

On Sunday, we had the opportunity to tailgate with some of our friends.  We had a great time although we had 4 Bear fans at our tailgate party.  It was great to reconnect with Kevin (our friend from college) and his wife Jen.  We also were able to spend some time with Syd, Katie, Greg and Cari.  Although the game did not turn out how we would have hoped, we had a great day!  

Last week was busy.  We were both sick at one point, but after we started feeling better we were out and about.  Chris's birthday was on Monday!  Although I was sick, I think he had a good week.  On Wednesday, he went to the Journey concert with his sister and her family.  It sounded like he had a great time.  On Friday, we ran into Kokomo and then we headed into Greentown to watch the Eastern football game.  Amazingly, the football team won!  This is their first win in 24 games.  We weren't sure if they would know that the tradition was to ring the bell.  Luckily, they didn't forget and it continued to ring for awhile.

On Saturday morning, Chris and I participated in the Tour de Carmel.  This is a 20 mile bicycle ride throughout Carmel.  We completed it and then decided to go to Trader Joe's.  After doing a little bit of grocery shopping, we decided to eat and When Harry met Salad.  It was pretty good.  In the afternoon, I went to my cousin's baby shower.  She looks adorable and received so many nice things.  

Around 4:30 we found ourselves and Indiana Wesleyan to watch our friend, Andrew ref a soccer game.  It was fun to see him in action; however, I think I did more talking than watching.  Andrew and Ashley came over to our house and we continued to keep the sports theme in mind.  We had pizza and wings for supper and watched the Ohio State and USC game.  It ended up being a blow out.  We had a great time hanging out with them.  It is crazy - I have seen Ashley more this past month than I have seen her all year.  

In the picture below, Andrew is the ref in blue.  

Today we went to church and then came home to get ready for the Colts game.  At Chris's 10 year high school reunion we made plans with Rod and Megan to come over and watch the game since it was away.  I have to confess, this is the first game that we have watched with anyone else other than our families.  It went really well.  They didn't mind me cleaning up the kitchen when I got nervous.  We invited them back for all the other games and I think that we might make it a tradition.  It is always fun to hang out with them and it is nice that they live close to us so no one has to drive very far to see each other.

God has blessed us with so many friendships.  Often times we forget how neat it is that we have people to hang out with, share our lives with, learn with, laugh with, cry with...  On that note, have a wonderful week.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is it okay to wish time away?

Chris and I have been doing everything possible to make the time go by fast and we are excited to say that it is already September!  We have had a great summer and we are truly looking forward to the fall months.  One month of rainy season has passed and we only have one more month to go – what a blessing!  For those of you wishing that we had an adoption update, there is no such luck.  We haven’t heard anything, but I can honestly say that we think about our little boy almost all of the time.  We love him so much already and we constantly make comments about him being around so he can enjoy his cousins, or the sunset, or camping, or the pool, or sports, or just being hugged and cuddled.  I think we both have our days, some harder than others.  We find it best if we talk about it, otherwise we hold in the emotion and find that it hurts.  We knew the waiting would be difficult; it is just hard to prepare for something that would be like this experience. 

So, what have we been doing to pass the time?  I think we are doing a little bit of everything these days.  My family rented a lake cottage on Lake Tippecanoe last week.  Since Chris and I are saving all of our vacation days to go to Ethiopia, we decided to go up on both weekends to be with everyone.  We had a wonderful time!  We were able to be out on the water and hang out with the family.  What a great combination!  Both of us were successful with skiing; however, we were successful getting up on the wakeboard, just not riding it for a long period of time.  We went sailing with my dad and we also took out the wave runner.  Man do I love those things…I managed to turn it so fast that I did a flip off of it.  Chris saw me do it and I think he was literally impressed that I tried to gun it and turn at the same time.  The boys are as cute as ever.  We have enjoyed watching them grow and become little boys. 

We also became members at our church here in Kokomo, Grace United Methodist.  We are excited to be a part of a church family and consider it our home.  We look forward to going every Sunday and the fellowship has been amazing!  God is good!

This past Sunday we were excited to meet up with Chris’s side of the family for dinner; however, our plans changed pretty fast.  Before meeting up with them, we thought we would ride our bikes on the Monon trail.  Unfortunately, Chris wiped out and was a little to sore to continue with our plans.  Instead, we came back home and I helped my dad gather some landscaping material to redo my grandmother’s house in Ohio.  I was able to spend some quality time with him as we went to Burlington and ate at Mike’s Pizza. 

On Labor Day, we decided that we wanted to add some lights to our landscaping because it is really dark around our house and we thought it would look nice.  It took some work, but the lights are in and we really like the finished product.  Chris’s mother came over and helped us throughout the day.  It was a good day!

This upcoming week starts regular season football games.  Go COLTS!  We always look forward to our games and spending that time together.  I am also planning to spend some girl time with Ashley on Saturday!  I have a test tomorrow and I can’t wait till this class is over.  I will only have one more left and then I will have my master’s degree!!!  YAY!  I can’t wait to be finished for awhile. 

We can’t thank you enough for all of the prayers our blog readers have prayed.  Please continue to be prayer warriors for our little boy.  I am positive that he is feeling God’s presence each and every day.  Blessings to you and your family.