Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Been a while.  Everything has been going really well.  We have talked to a social worker with CWA and she gave us some tips on helping him sleep better.  It has been working a little better.  We are getting a solid 6 hrs without waking (knock on wood) so I think this is helping all of us.  He has been such a joy.  He is incredibly good during the day, spending full days with both grandma's this week. They tell us he is doing great as well.  Hopefully he hasn't convinced them to cover for him yet.  We went to church for the first time since getting back on Sunday and it felt so good!  We missed it but we wanted to ease him into everything.  A surprise to us he spent the entire service in the nursery without us.  Sarah was planning to stay with him but as soon as we got there he jumped down and crawled right over to all the stuffed animals.  We are so lucky to have an awesome nursery with only 4-5 kids so he gets a lot of attention.   To everyone's surprise we have been staying busy on the weekends.  We had a chance this last weekend to spend the night Greg, Cari, and Elli's.  We had so much fun and it was great to just hang out, catch up, see Chris and Ehrin and their kids.  I can't wait until all the kids are running around and we can go camping and take trips together.  For some reason I don't think that is far away.  Both Elli and Tegegn LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and if your kids haven't heard the Hot Dog song and dance at the end of the show, it's worth checking out. Elli and Tegegn love dancing to this song.  We were already talking about our first trip to Disney World.  

We spent a few hours at the Ghion Hotel one day while in Ethiopia and someone decided he was a little tired!

We have mentioned before how flexible he is.  Those are his feet. 

We were having a little fun with Photo Booth on the MAC.  Someone was enjoying seeing himself on the screen, and Tegegn was having fun too.

Someone thinks it's funny to squint now when we take his picture.

This was on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.  Poor little guys had his arm wrapped in a sling thanks to the pediatrician who helped us out, pooped all over dad's pants, we all smelled horrible, and we hadn't even taken off yet.  Needless to say the guy beside me kept his headphones on the entire flight.  


Emily said...

Grayson LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, especially the Hot Dog song! Wal-mart has a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse CD in the toy section...Grayson loves listening to it!

Kim Mashino said...

The last picture and comments crack me up...its a huge "welcome to motherhood" wake up call. I love that he had the sling on and the poop all over the place, I bet that was a want to laugh and cry at the same time moment.
So glad everything is going well.