Thursday, March 19, 2009

Items to take to Ethiopia

There are several families traveling to Ethiopia real soon and I thought I would post a few items that we took that I am happy that we had while we were there.  
  • Child Back Pack or Front Carrier (a must for the airport & carrying luggage)
  • Flashlight (Lights go out in Addis a lot)
  • Enough Kid Snacks (puffs, cheerios, mum-mums) to last the entire trip
  • Pants (no one wears shorts)
  • A few toys
  • $20 US dollars per person for visa at airport
  • Some diapers
  • Wipes
  • A couple bottles or sippy cups depending on age of child
  • A camera
  • Formula in case there is a shortage in Addis
I hope this helps!  We are praying for the Whipples and the Gutweins as they leave next week to pick up their boys!  I can remember the emotions and the anxiety we felt during this time before we left for Ethiopia.  We are so excited for the parents of these beautiful children and the future playmates of Tegegn!  


Kevin & Laura said...

Thanks so much! I had not thought of the flashlight and was debating about a carrier-- good point about the airport!

Janet said...

Thanks Chris and Sarah!! So excite....