Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tegegn is a little BOY

Yesterday when I looked back at Tegegn as I was driving, I realized my baby boy is no longer a baby. Tegegn is babbling a lot these days and I can say that he has mastered the word "no". He is also Mr. Drama when he says it because he always shakes his head and waves his arms. Let me tell times it is not fun, but Chris and I make it fun by asking him if he wants things that always interest him...Here is a typical conversation.

Chris: Do you want a drink?
Tegegn: No
Sarah: Do you want a truck?
Tegegn: No
Chris: Do you want a train?
Tegegn: Choo, choo...No
Sarah: Do you want a cookie?
Tegegn: No
Chris: Do you want to go outside?
Tegegn: Ya! (with a huge smile)

Tegegn loves to be outside. A couple of weekends ago we were able to go camping for the first and last time this summer. We had a lot of fun. My parents church held a camping weekend and Tegegn loved all aspects of it, especially all of the attention.

I love how this picture captures the moment. He was laughing so hard with Jane and LeeAnn at the campground. It is priceless.

The events of the day wore him out. This usually doesn't happen so Chris was cherishing the moment.

As I get older, I really am starting to enjoy the fall. (Shout out to Julie!) I love seeing the leaves change colors, apple cider, pumpkins, FOOTBALL, apples and hooded sweatshirts with jeans. I think that Tegegn will really enjoy it this year. So far, he likes to hear the crunch sound that the leaves make when he steps on them. We raked leaves on Sunday and he had a blast riding on the tarp and walking through them. Right now, he is really fond of his swing. Every night he want to swing right when we get home, no matter what. Who can resist the kid when he grabs your hand and takes you to it to show you what he wants?

Tegegn still likes to push his Little Tikes car. I would have never guessed that he would push it more than ride it, but whatever works is great!

He thought it was a lot of fun to throw leaves in the air and watch them fall from the sky. The little things amaze kids. It is amazing to see the world through their eyes. As I think about it, more often these days, I thank God for the simple things in my life these days rather than only the bigger blessings. Tegegn has taught me that God blesses us everyday and we have so much to be thankful for all of the time.

To start the fall festivities this year, Tegegn put "Ba" stickers (Ba = Mickey Mouse) on a small pumpkin and he gave high fives in black paint to another pumpkin that welcomes people to our house. We had a lot of fun family time painting the pumpkin this year.


Jess said...

What a joy...this post is so fun!!! He is such a cutie!!!

Emily said...

It was so great meeting him the other night! He has such a great spirit! I can't wait to get the kids together in Nov:)

Kevin said...

so adorable. you guys are blessed to have him! and he is blessed to have you!

Adam, Julie and Tootsie said...

SOOO glad the fall 'bug' is catching on :-) Also just so glad to keep up with your beautiful family! Isn't it so amazing how they grow and change almost every day!! Miss and love you guys!