Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekends - they go by so fast

We have been busy lately. On Friday, my parents came over and we were able to catch up on my father’s trip to Afghanistan. It was fun to hang out with them for a few hours. We had a pretty bad thunderstorm, so we played Uno for a little bit and then we played the Wii. We have a lot of fun competing against each other.

The weather has been so nice and we have been enjoying some time outside. We can now say that we have totally redone all of the landscaping at our house. On Saturday, we finished the west side of our house. When we started, we had to remove 3 huge bushes that had been there since my parents built our house. Of course, my dad’s response was “I paid good money for those bushes.” On Sunday, we started opening our pool. Due to the upcoming weather, we won't be able to finish it until next weekend.

On the adoption front, we received a call on Friday that our documents have been authenticated by the Department of State and the Ethiopian Embassy. We are still waiting for confirmation that the documents have been received in North Carolina. The next step is for our agency to send the dossier to Ethiopia for translation into Amharic. Please pray that everything continues to go smooth for us.

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The Bigelows said...

you know what i would love???? some wii action with peg! :)