Friday, August 22, 2008


Over the past couple of weeks, Chris and I have developed a routine that is based off of the Olympics.  We simply cannot get enough of the crazy events.  We have planned our evenings around watching the events.  The routine consists of working for 8+ hours, eating supper, either riding our bikes or working out on the elliptical and staying up way to late...and then it starts all over again.

Some of my favorite events throughout the Beijing Olympics include swimming, beach volleyball, men's 10m platform diving (I know David Boudia's father), gymnastics, basketball and track and field.  I was also impressed by the opening ceremonies.  I work with quite a few people from China and they have been so proud of it.  It has been neat to talk to them about something that we have in common.  

My company has been in the news quite  bit lately.  As most people know, the automotive sector has been hit hard recently because people are changing their buying habits because they are fed up with the cost of gas.  This past week my company has decided to make a business decision to separate 600 salaried employees.  This has been a difficult time and my heart goes out to the employees that have lost their job.  My hope is that they will be optimistic and that they can find a position that fits their needs.

This weekend we are going to the lake to spend some time with my family.  We usually go on vacation with them sometime throughout the year; however, we are saving all of our time for our trip to ETHIOPIA!  

Colts football is back in season!  We are super excited to go to the games again this year.  The first pre-season game is Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.  It should be a good time.  We actually had the opportunity to tour the stadium last Saturday with some of our friends - shout out to Syd, Katie, Don, Liz, Anneliese and Emmeline.  Chis and I have also been riding our bikes recently so we also had the opportunity to ride the monon for 18 miles.  It was a nice ride.  

No news on the adoption front.  We continue to think about out little guys often.  We are so glad that August is about over.  We really don't want to wish our lives away, but we can't wait to hold him.  We love him so much already!


Jess said...

First, those employees are certainly in my prayers. Second, I hope you have an amazing time on the lake! I believe you will be up here :) What a great time to spend with family!!! Third, I am sure you can't wait to hold your little boy! I told you I would tell you about Tyler's weight after his doctor's appt. He is 15 months and weighs 21 lbs...5th percentile in weight. Yeah, his metabolism is so fast, so we have to feed him high calorie food...the doctor said to put butter on everything we can. And then feed him a high calorie snack right before we put him to bed so hopefully, with him just laying there, it will help put some weight on :) Gotta love it! :) And of course...Go Colts...after Go Bears :):) Love ya!!!!

jenn said...

the olympics rock! too much fun to watch and i sit there all nervous, but it is all good :). i will be thinking of you as you enjoy the bears colts game! notice how i said bears first :). the way it should be! i pray for your family everyday and will hold your co-workers in my prayers as well! love ya lots..m.e.

Kevin said...

i was definitely thinking about your company when i saw the news, glad you aren't affected. Hey, we are going to the Bears Colts game so maybe we should meet up or something before the game....let me know!! I'll be the one wearing an authentic Walter Payton jersey!!!

Kevin said...

sounds like a plan!! let us know where you guys will be tailgating and we will swing by!! Can't wait, it will be a blast!!!