Sunday, August 30, 2009

Football, Vacation and Ethiopians....LIFE is good!

We have had a busy month! This month, Tegegn actually attended his first COLTS game. We had to start him early...he lasted through 30 minutes of pre-game action and through the first quarter and then he was done. We met up with Syd and Katie Nicholson and then walked around for a bit. He loved the cars and tractor in the Lucas Oil Stadium. We had a great time and we are glad that he could experience COLTS football at such a young age.

Tegegn taking it all in at the Colts game.

Go Colts! The Ponsler's are cheering you on - LOUD and PROUD!

This past week we were able to spend some time on vacation with my family at a lake not to far away from our home. Unfortunately we had a chilly and rainy week, but we still had a great time. The kids enjoy playing with each other and really enjoyed the kayaks and the sand. Tegegn LOVES the water and wanted to be in it anytime he was outside.

Our nephews, Nathan and Aaron in the kayaks.

Our nephew, Eli, playing in the sand.

You know how Tegegn loves his car....he loves it so much that he would not go into the water without it. Luckily, it floats!

He also experienced his first wave runner ride with Daddy. We think he enjoyed it; however, he was really cold when he came back to shore so we called it a day.

On Friday, we had the opportunity to experience The Wiggles firsthand. Tegegn really enjoyed the show. It was very entertaining. His favorite part was when the octopus and the dog appeared on stage. He waved to them like crazy. It was fun to experience this for him. I know that he probably won't remember it when he is older; however, we had a great time watching him enjoy the moment.

This is Tegegn at the Wiggles. He really enjoyed the show.

On Saturday, we met up with three other families in the Lafayette area who have adopted from Ethiopia. We are so blessed to have formed friendships with others whom have experienced adoption. We continue to get to know them and we always look forward to meeting the children who come home to their forever families. I often wonder if the children will form friendships like us as parents have formed friendships. I can only hope that this will become a reality in the future.

Here are the precious faces of the children. They are all so precious.

This is Isaac. He turned 1 today! Happy Birthday!

This is Jamin. He is 11 months.

This is Jamin's brother, Emet. He turned 2 in June.

This is Abeba. She just tuned 2.

Tegegn has allergies and has a runny nose right now. I hope he gets better soon. Since we have been at home, he had to find something to do to entertain himself. What better way...he cleared a space to put his truck in the fridge.

When Tegegn is sick, he likes to cuddle and sleep on us. He fell asleep on me this afternoon and I ate it up! He rarely sits on our lap so we take advantage of the times he does!


Jess said...

What a fun post! I hear you on kids not sleeping on you unless they are don't want them to be sick, but it is sure nice to get that cuddle time in :)

Wendi and Mark said...

We're so sad that we missed seeing you on Saturday night! Love all the photos -- thanks for sharing! Photos coming your way in the mail this week!

Lauren said...

LOVE that green jersey! :)

Emily said...

So sad we missed everyone on Saturday night! Looks like Tegegn enjoyed the Wiggles:)