Saturday, February 20, 2010

Having fun and enjoying our time with Tegegn!

Like always, we tend to schedule our weekdays and weekends because there is so much to do and see these days. We have really enjoyed hanging out with Tegegn because he is learning new things each and every day. He is back into Thomas the train and loves us to play with him. He continues to develop new words and phrases each day. We often hear "blue truck" "mommom" "stink-a-bug" "toy story" "Thomas-watch Thomas" and "hi-n-see (hide-n-seek)."

As you know, we love to check on him when he is sleeping. This boy can sleep in some cRaZy positions. We thought this was the cute position this week. Good thing he doesn't wake up when I turn the lights on to capture the moment.

This past week when Chris and I were getting Tegegn ready in the morning, he was in rare form. he woke up and started bouncing on his bed. He then wanted to play "hi-n-see" and hid behind Chris. As soon as I found him, he wanted me to tickle him. Afterwards, we still had his pants to put on so we did and he tooted. He noticed what happened and he looked at me and said "Excuse You!" He burst out laughing because he thought it was so funny. The moment was priceless.

I also heard him say this week as I was heading to work one morning, "Mommom, don't go, play choochoo." I hope he always calls me mommom and it was so sweet that in his world playing choochoo was all he wanted to do with me.

Today Chris and I attended a prenatal class to help us prepare for our little miracle baby. I am still amazed that we are actually expecting a baby in nine weeks. I have been so blessed and really have nothing to complain about regarding being pregnant. I am so grateful for this opportunity and praise God that the baby is right on track. As we continue to plan, we continue to see God's mercy and blessings upon our family.

We have a busy couple of weeks planned and then we will begin to lay low for a bit. We still have a lot of work to do in the baby's room, but I know it will come together soon!


Jess said...

What a great post! Keep cherishing each moment...they are priceless!!! Love the pictures as always!

Angela said...

We have tons of Thomas track set up at our house! T will love it! :) So excited to see you soon!

jenn m.e. said...

such amazing pictures. i can't believe how long it has been since i've see you all. oh, such exciting things going on in your life. absolutely incredible. love you...m.e.