Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ironing Boards and Fire Trucks

When: Wednesday
Where: At Grandma Coon's House
Who: Tegegn and Grandma
Setting: Tegegn was playing and my mother decides to get out her ironing board to iron a piece of clothing.

Around 10:00 in the morning I called my mom to see how Tegegn was doing and what they were planning to do for the day. My mother proceeds to tell me that Tegegn told on me today. I questioned her on what she meant and she repeated the same thing. In my head I was thinking, Tegegn is just starting to talk...what in the world is she talking about. She told me that Tegegn came over to her while she was ironing and kept saying and pointing, "what's that? what's that?" It was apparent to her that Tegegn hadn't seen an ironing board is true, my dryer does our ironing the majority of the time. I guess kids tell it how it is. I just didn't think we would be at that point already.

Tegegn is really into fire trucks right now. I found this towel that was given to him that had a fire truck on it. He wouldn't let go of it. I decided to cover him up with it tonight and he was as stiff as a board when he told me he loved me because he didn't want to mess up the "blanket" with the fire truck. He fell right asleep. If only we knew that all it would take was covering him up with a fire truck towel, we would have done that weeks ago.


Natalie said...

Must be the pessimistic side of me, but I was really worried that the ironing story was going to have a bad ending! Glad to hear all is well...and you're not alone, our dryer does 95% of our ironing too :) Cute story about the fire truck towel! Tegegn is so cute and growing up so quickly. Would love to see a picture of you and the baby!!

Janet said...

ha! I don't think Isaac has ever seen our ironing board either, so don't feel bad :)