Sunday, March 9, 2008

People are reaching out to help us!

This is the first chance I have had to blog since work on Friday. What a day! In my last blog, I talked a little bit about my friend from work. His name is Deress. He instant messaged me in the morning to tell me that he talked with his parents and we have a place to stay when we go to Ethiopia to pick up our child! This is WONDERFUL news! I am not sure how many of you have been to other countries where you cannot speak the language, but it is not always easy to get around. Well, Deress already told me that we would be staying in the house that he grew up in and would be staying in his sister's room. She currently lives in Chicago. His parents are retired and are currently here in the states. In April, they will be coming to Indiana and we plan to meet them! I am so excited!!! I really wanted to meet them when we go to Ethiopia and I had no intentions of staying with them, but what better way to get to know their culture! Deress also mentioned that they would like to show us around while we are there. Since all the dates are tentative for us, we hope to be traveling in either October or November to pick up our child.

This is the only picture that I have on my computer of Deress. We went to a Cathedral High School game with him to watch my boss's son play football. We had a lot of fun cheering his team on even though they didn't beat Carmel.

On Friday, we met up with Greg, Cari, Syd and Katie and went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. What a neat place! We weren't able to see everything, so I guess we better go back. We also went out to eat at Rock Bottom. Talk about the best salad was delicious! We spent the night in Indy and headed back home early Saturday morning.

We decided to run errands on Saturday and we purchased our first baby item! We went to the "Here We Grow Again" children's consignment shop and we bought the bedding for the crib. It was half the cost and brand new. What a bargain! We also bought some little shoes. They were adorable and we figured that we would need them sometime. We came home and had all intensions to start painting the ceiling in one of the bedrooms and finishing our touch-ups. Forget that, we took a 3 hour nap and then had supper with Chris's mom. I did manage to watch one of my classes. Only two more to watch before my test on Thursday.

Today we went to church and then we had my birthday lunch with my parents. It was nice to be with them. We ended up painting and doing the touch-ups today. It is nice to finish that project. I plan to finish watching at least one of my classes and we might start our Hague training tonight. We are atteding a class tomorrow night at the agency that is completing our home study.


jenn said...

God is truly amazing! I am so glad to hear how He has provided and is taking care of you. how very very exciting...ahhh...yeah, that was me screaming for you :). love ya lots..m.e.

Jess said...

what a fun time at the museum!!! and what a blessing to have a place to stay when you travel! it is neat how God provides :) love you tons!

Joy said...
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