Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We continue to move forward...

I can't believe it has been a week since I have updated this blog. Where does time go? Seriously, it doesn't seem like I have not had a free second for the past week. Let me do a quick recap...Wednesday we had adoption night. This means that we spend atleast 2-3 hours going through paperwork and filling out forms. We try to stay on top of what we need to do so we are not holding up the process. Since we just received the information regarding our home study, we organized our game plan on how we plan to accomplish the tasks.

That brings us to Thursday. For my birthday, Chris took me on a date to the Toby Mac/Jeremy Camp concert at Conseco in Indianapolis. We met up with my cousins, Greg and Cari, and had a great time. We are in the same stages in life and so we always have a great time talking about being "expectant" parents. Greg and Cari are expecting their baby girl in June. We are excited to share in their experience and are excited that our children will be close in age. On Friday, Chris stayed in Indy and hung out with Greg and Syd while I worked until 9:00. Don't worry - it was for API which is annual physical inventory and I was able to earn some extra cash for our adoption! I also woke up at the crazy hour of 2:30 a.m. and was at work by 3. I worked until 11 and then went to the child's consignment shop with my mom. We had a great time and I purchased our first baby item - a baby carrier! We will be able to use this while we are in Ethiopia.

Our nephew plays hockey (he is the goalie and I am always a nervous wreck when he plays) and this past weekend was semi-state. Chris went to his morning game on Saturday and I met up with the entire Ponsler family that afternoon. We cheered him on; however, they lost. It was fun being together and hanging out with this side of our family. We also went to his game on Sunday.

On Sunday, I went to Ashley's house! We decided to try and make bibs. It was kind of funny because Ashley was doing laps around me. I only finished one bib and cut out four. On the other hand, Ashley cut out 26 and made at least four. We had a great time catching up and even though I am slower than molasses, the bibs turned out cute and I plan to finish the project eventually. I just need some more time in the day. We also had our annual birthday bash with a DQ cake - thanks Andrew, it was delicious!

For my birthday, Chris took me out to Harvey Hinklemeiers (a 50's diner). I always get the same thing there - breadsticks and a tenderloin. It is super healthy. Luckily, we worked out afterwards! We also stopped by Meijer to pick up the necessities - milk - we were out for 4 days, bread - it was old and starting to mold and we had no fresh fruit in the house.

We had another adoption day tonight! We finished up our paperwork for the home study and we made a list of items that we need to complete tomorrow. We plan to finish our portion of the dossier by mid-March. This weekend we want to start our Hague training. We are also planning to attend an educational session on Monday for our home study. I think it pertains to attachement. I am really interested in this topic so I hope that will be the discussion.


jenn said...

and i always think i am busy. wow! sounds like you had a great birthday celebration!

Jess said...

wow...happy belated birthday!! it sounds like chris really spoiled you :) what a guy! love ya!

Kevin said...

sorry i missed your birthday Sarah! Sounds like it was a good one! I was shocked to see a blog-less week, good to see you back and thanks for checking in on mine!!!