Monday, April 7, 2008

Catching Up

It amazes me how fast time goes seems like it goes quicker the older I get. I hate that. I often get in a routine and it seems like my weekday evenings are similar. We had an extremely productive weekend. We are still getting our house ready for our home study. This weekend we cleaned our basement. And when I say cleaned our basement, I am using that term very generally. It might be better to say that we had a big trash pile. We did put rocks into buckets though. That has to account for something. For those of you who are not aware, we have a lot of rocks in our basement. Back in the day when my parents built this house, there was this crazy idea that if you put rocks in your basement and tin on your roof, you could create a heat source for your house. Well, sad to say...don't try this out on your home. It doesn't work. All it does is create a lot of work when your kids buy your house twenty years from now. We have been working on this project for quite some time now. Eventually, we would like to use our basement...we think the rock room would make a great movie room. Who knows when we will actually complete this project. We are actually thinking about having a ROCK party. BYOB. Bring your own bucket!

This weekend we also completed 8 hours of our online Hague training. This means that we are getting closer, much closer. Check out our week of planned adoption activities:

Wednesday - Doctor appointment for our dossier & homestudy
Thursday - Finalize our portion of the dossier
Friday - Travel Clinic appointment for all of our shots for our trip to Ethiopia
Friday/Saturday - Clean our house with our moms for the home study
Monday - Adoption Session at Bethany - Panel of Adult Adoptees
Tuesday - Home study

I am wrapping up my class this week. My test is next Tuesday. My next class starts on Monday. It seems like my life is a little hectic right now.

I talked with Deress, my friend from Ethiopia, today at work. His parents are not able to come to Indiana so we are going to go to Chicago to meet them and the rest of his family! I promise we did not invite ourselves. He offered and we have already made the plans! We will be going out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant n April 27th! This will be my first time eating Ethiopian food. I hope I like it. Deress says that you either like it or hate it. I really want to like it.

Somehow I forgot to mention that we have a new little nephew. Hi name is Elijah and he was born on March 28. I was able to visit him last week when I went to Michigan for work. He didn't even know I was there. He slept in my arms the entire time. It is amazing that you can have so much love for a baby that you just met. Our other nephews are developing such fun personalities. It has been fun watching them grow. I often wish we lived a little closer so I could see them more often.


Jess said...

What an action packed week! I can't believe how close you are getting and how quickly you are getting there! That is awesome!!! Congrats on the new nephew!!! Love ya!

The Bigelows said...

i've seen those rocks....and my suggestion for the party is...byoh...bring your own husband. (and make him do all the work) i volunteer myself to be in charge of the kitchen work. preppin and preparing food and drinks for all the dedicated helpers! ;)