Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Still Moving Right Along

Today was a busy day. I met Chris at the doctor's office and we filled out the remaining papers that we needed for our homestudy and our dossier. The only thing that we have left is to put our photos in the dossier and our home study information. This makes us feel good. I know that we are wrapping up the "paper chase" and the next portion is going to be to wait. From the blogs that I have been reading, this appears to be a difficult time. However, I am kind of excited about this waiting period because we still have quite a few things that we want to do before we travel to Ethiopia. On top of everything that we have been doing, we are also looking forward to spending this summer together because our lives will be changing soon. All for the good, just it will be different. We are so excited!

Yesterday we went to Grandma Conner's (Chris's grandma) and visited with her. We love spending time with her. I consider her to be one of the neatest people that I have ever met. She is 86 and absolutely loves life. She made us supper and I want the recipes to everything she made for us. We had a dinner salad with homemade dressing, a chicken and rice casserole, cresent rolls and her famous chocolate sheet cake. While we were at her house she played the piano for us. She started taking lessons about a year ago or so. She played "Great is Thy Faithfulness." It was beautiful.

Here are a few pictures that we took tonight. It was a little dark and so we will take new ones tomorrow. We need 5 pictures for our dossier...a few pictures of us together, with our house and in our backyard. I have to say our tripod was a great investment.


Zac said...

you got all artsy on the last one...

good pics!

when is the rock party?

Jess said...

Love the pictures!!!

jenn said...

fabulous pictures!