Sunday, April 20, 2008

Keeping up with our tradition...

Even though our entire weekend was planned, we had a great time. It all started on Friday night when we went to Grace United Methodist Church in Kokomo to a concert. It was nice to go to a concert that was litterally 10 minutes away! Derek Webb opened for Caedmon's Call. Our friends, Syd and Katie, were able to join us at the concert. The tickets were general admission so we ended up in the third row. It was a lot of fun and we were able to praise God throughout the evening.

This is the first time that I have posted a video. I hope it works for you. This is Derek Webb singing about him and his wife's courtship. I think that they met, got engaged and married all within 5 months. That was totally opposite of us. Chris and I dated for 7 years and in May we will celebrate our 5 year anniversary. I have been so blessed to have my best friend as my soul mate. He is my rock and he brings out the best in me.

This is a picture of Caedmon's Call. Derek Webb is also a part of this group.

Our friends, Syd and Katie, enjoying the concert with us. Syd works with Chris and he also went to our high school. We have really enjoyed getting to know Katie this past year. We feel like we have known her forever. She is a teacher with our cousin/friend Greg, who is a cousin to Syd. Boy, that sounds more confusing than what it actually is, but we are thankful they are in our lives.

I decided to include a picture of the Nicholson and Ponsler gang. I forget why Katie wasn't there for the picture. We have all been friends since high school and now some of us are even related. Weird.

On Saturday, we participated in the Race for the Cure. It was a neat experience even though it was pouring down rain in the morning. A shout out goes to Ericka for recruiting us to be on your team. The money raised goes to breast cancer research. The race was a 5K. We ended up jogging about 2 miles and walking 1 mile. It was a lot of fun and it made us feel good. On our last mile, Katie ended up finding us. What are the chances? There were only 42,000 people participating in the race.

On Saturday afternoon, we went to my parent's home to hang out with my family. My brother, Zac and his family came down to Indiana for the weekend. We love hanging out with them and their kids. Nathan, the oldest boy (3 and a half) that he was so excited because he stood and and went to the bathroom. The little things in life that make them happy. I love it! Aaron, the middle child, walks around saying "Kokomo" and laughing all of the time. Elijah is precious. He was born less than a month ago and sleeps most of the time. We celebrated my dad's birthday. He is actually going to Afganistan at the end of this month for work.
Today, we went to church and then met some friends for lunch. We had a great time catching up and sharing what is going on in our lives. God is so good. He always places people in your life for a reason.
As far as the adoption front goes, we completed a few forms that are required by our agency that is completing our home study. I plan on mailing the forms tomorrow and hopefully we will receive more information from our agency by Tuesday! Stay tuned...


jenn said...

i love how music is such a big part of your lives...and way to praise God!!! i also love seeing all the support you have around you...God, family and friends!!! so many people love you...especially me! love ya lots...m.e.

The Bigelows said...

hey! you never told me you have a new nephew!!!! congrats...i bet you are their fav aunt and uncle :)

Jess said...

What an amazing time! thanks for sharing!! love ya!!!