Thursday, May 22, 2008


On Sunday, the Ponsler family got together at PF Changs to celebrate Gerry’s retirement. She thought it was just a get together because we were not able to be together for Mother’s day. Boy was she surprised! She has been a school nurse for 26 years and she is retiring. She currently works at Kokomo High School. I think she will miss the kids, but it will be a lot less stress. She is excited to do her own thing and help us out later on this year! Congratulations, Gerry! We really hope that you enjoy your retirement.

This week has been a great adoption week! We received word on Wednesday from our agency that our dossier is ready to go! We will be sending it to Washington DC either Friday or Saturday. We are waiting on a couple of documents from CWA so we can include them with the rest of our documents.
We can tell we are getting closer - take a look at our paper...notice the right hand side. Almost all of the dates are filled in! YAY!

Today, I was able to work remotely which helped me out a bunch! It also helped us save a bit on gas. Gas is currently $3.99 per gallon. I consider this a bit ridiculous. Also, Chris and I were able to ride together which made it nice. We had to go to the USCIS office in Indianapolis. Our appointment was at 10:00. We arrived around 9:45 and they took us back right away. We both thought we would have to wait awhile because there were a lot of people in the waiting area. We both went back at the same time. I get called first and the lady starts doing my fingerprints... People, I have the worst fingerprints ever. The lady asked me if I was a doctor or nurse because my fingerprints are not normal. They look like a 100 year old hand. They are all cracked and have lines going down instead of a circular pattern. I look over at Chris’s and his are PERFECT. What is up with that? He works outside more than I do. Who knows? She said that the fingerprints will go to the FBI. I have a 50/50 chance that I will have to go back and do it again. If nothing changes, I guess they will let me pass. At least I pray that they do! We should find out in the next couple of weeks…no news is good news.
I have to say, the biometrics was pretty cool. They scanned all four of our fingers at once for each hand and then scanned each one individually. They used a cloth and water to dampen the fingertips before doing the electronic scan. It was interesting. It took about 5 minutes to complete.

We have a long weekend so I am excited! I plan on working on my class and homework tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be so nice. This makes me excited! We have a lot of projects that we can work on...

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pf changs...yummy...lettuce wraps! love ya!