Sunday, May 25, 2008

Manchester Admission's Reunion at Maria's Wedding

I wanted to share some pictures with you that my friend Jolane took at Maria's wedding. Maria and Chris were co-workers when he worked at Manchester. It was a lot of fun seeing all of the Manchester people again!

We went to the wedding with Adam and when we went to drive to the reception, Adam's car did not start. Chris asked some people that attended the wedding to jump us. They tried. Nothing happened. So, I hitched a ride to the reception with the people that tried jumping us. I am glad that the the random people that I rode with didn't mind. They were really nice. Once I arrived, I asked Jolane if she could take me back and pick up Adam and Chris. On the way, we stopped and picked up a battery. Luckily, that is all it needed!

When we arrived to the reception, they were doing the toasts. Since we were about an hour late, the MC group took care of us and filled our plates! The food was great, but my favorite part was the favors...DeBrands chocolates. YUM!

Jill & Chris

Jolane & Sarah

Maria - the beautiful bride

The Manchester Group.

A really close picture of us.

Lauren & Sarah

Today Chris and I went to church and then decided to take out the bushes on the side of our house. We are tired and sore. Tomorrow we are going to Terre Haute to a graduation open house. We are excited to be with Chris's side of the family.


The Bigelows said...

maria - not the maria i was picturing in my mind! i think i had an el ed maria in my head. looks like a great time! :)

jenn said...

sounds like it was a fun get together, and an adventure all at the same time :). ha! too fun! the picture of chris and the cheese fries in the previous post!! who doesn't love a good order of cheese fries!!! :)