Monday, May 5, 2008

Still Waiting...

Unfortunately, I do not have super exciting adoption news yet. We are still waiting on the home study for our dossier. As soon as we receive it, I think it will go fast. Hopefully we will hear from someone tomorrow.

This past weekend, we went to the Ethiopian restaurant in Indianapolis with the Ponsler side of the family. I was a little apprehensive because I wasn't sure if they would enjoy the food. It turned out to be a hit! I think everybody had a great time and enjoyed the new experience. I think I could get used to always eating with my hands. It might look a little awkward at times. Maybe I will try to start a new trend. Maybe not.

On Saturday, Chris and I participated in the 5K which is apart of the mini marathon race in Indianapolis. We also met up with Syd and Katie. Syd ran the mini in one hour and twenty three minutes (AMAZING) and Katie ran the 5K with us (or should I say with Chris). Chris finished it with 10:36 per mile and I finished with 12:05 per mile.

Our nephew, Clayton, was headed to prom on Saturday. I must tell you that when Chris and I met, he was 5 years old! Where has the time gone? He looked adorable and it sounded like he had a great time!

We were exhausted so we came home and went to bed.

On Sunday, several of us threw a baby shower for my cousin Cari. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so as soon as I get the pictures I will be sure to post them. It was fun seeing the family and some high school friends again.


Brandon said...

I ran the mini in 2 hours and 22 minutes ... just a couple spots behind Syd :)

jenn said...

i think i could get used to eating with my hands too. though it might be wierd since it would just be any food i eat, not specifically ethiopian :). ha! and wow! awesome job with the 5k. pretty sure i would have to stop after 400 meters :). love ya lots...m.e.