Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas before Thanksgiving? Yep.

November has been a busy month so far which has made time go by fast!  I decided to add some pictures when we went to Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana with Syd and Katie.  We had a great time together.

On Thursday, Chris and I went to a concert at Ball State.  This will be the last concert that we attend for awhile.  We went to see David Crowder.  He is one of our favorite Christian artists.  His concert was awesome.  We love how he sings the entire time.  It was great, as we were leaving we asked for a set list.  It was hand written on the back of a menu.  As we were walking out, we noticed a poster hanging on the wall and what do you know...it was signed by the entire band.  What a great surprise!   It is now hanging on our wall in our game room.  Connersvine opened for David Crowder.  They were good.  Hunter (the Colts punter) likes to talk and so does his sidekick...

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family.  We had a great time and I have to say our holidays have been a little messed up this year due to us traveling soon.  Christmas definitely has a different meaning for us this year.  Material things are a thing of the past...we already have so much and there is really nothing that we need.  Our focus has been on providing for our son and that is really fun for us!  We have been wondering a lot lately...we wonder how big he is, what he is eating, where he is developmentally, who is loving on him, what a typical day is for him, how much time he is out of his crib, if he cries a lot, if he sleeps through the night...soon we will know.

We always wait till the last minute to fill my mother's stocking...so we took pictures of us kids so she could update the picture of us that she still has on her fridge from 5 years ago.  We love you mom!

Chris having some fun with a Colts spiderman, aka our nephew.

My dad hanging out with one of his 4 grandsons.

My grandpa was able to join us before he heads to Florida for the winter.  He loves his great grandchildren.

Snorkeling gear for Chris....

I forgot to include this picture a couple of posts ago.  Before a Colts game, we stopped by my college roommate's house to see her beautiful daughter.  We are so happy for Greg and Libby!  Congrats!

And a final shout out to Ashley - we just don't understand how you can dislike the Blue Man Group.  Can we still be friends?

One more week till our court date!!!!!!!  Please continue to PRAY!


ashley said...

i was thinking of you this morning in the shower - hope you don't mind! but i realized you have just about one week left until your court date! YEA! and then i was thinking about how quickly we can make a trip to greentown to come meet your son! i forgot all abour our last hurrah before having kids in tow! i hope we can figure something out...if not...o'well :)

jenn said...

i just love you guys and would love to see pictures of your son and family finally together! awesome!!! always in my prayers and definitely in my heart! love ya lots..m.e.

Natalie said...

I'm so excited for you guys that you get to find out all the answers to your questions soon! I'm sure it still feels like forever until you actually get to hold your son in your arms but I pray it will come quickly for you. I can't wait to read about your travels and see pictures of your little guy. You'll be in our prayers for sure!