Saturday, November 1, 2008

CWA Care Center in Addis Ababa

Our case manager called the care center in Addis last week and notified us of the needs of the orphanage.  If you are interested in helping us donate any of these items or money, please contact us at  

We plan on packing lightly when we head to Ethiopia.  We are planning to put all of our stuff in one bag and all the donations in another.  

Anti-fungal cream
Anti-bacterial cream
Latex Gloves
Hand Sanitizer
Children Multi-vitamins
Disposable diapers & wipes (we plan on using money to purchase this in Ethiopia)

If you want to contribute, thanks in advance!  If you have any suggestions on where to buy this or ask for donations, please let us know!

Please pray for all of the children and the foster care center.  We have so much and they have so little, but we share God's unconditional love. 

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