Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 1 = 24 more days

By the way, if no one was aware, it is NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!  This morning, I woke up and rolled over to Chris and my first words were "IT'S NOVEMBER!!"  (As a reminder, our court date is on the 25th of this month!)

I love Saturdays at home.  We were able to get so much done.  You should see our garage.  It is so organized.  Love it!  We also put stuff away in our barn for the winter.  The weather was beautiful.  

Today we also met our friends, Wendi and Mark, at Starbucks.  They live in Lafayette and were headed to Mark's family in Peru.  Chris and Wendi worked together at Manchester College and I actually went to Niagara Falls with Wendi when I was a senior at MC for a conference.  Anyways, it is such a small world because we are both going through the adoption process.  They are also adopting from Ethiopia.  What a neat connection.  We plan to go to their house later this month to get together with the Lafayette families adopting from Ethiopia.  I think we are farther ahead in the process than anyone there, but we are excited to share our experiences and the joy of adoption with them.  

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Jill Jackson said...

Check this blog out. You'll like it. They are currently pick up their baby in China.