Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night Friends

Tonight we had the wonderful opportunity to get together with some friends of ours from North Manchester. Sam and Jolane came to our house and brought their children. We loved having the noise and we absolutely cannot wait to hear the chatter of a child more than just when we have visitors. As the children played, we were able to catch up around the kitchen table. We enjoyed some pizza from East of Chicago and some dessert (cheesecake & homemade smores) from the Pastry Diva in Greentown (which I highly reccommend)!

The kids were adorable! Their oldest son told us about the A+ he received on his 6 page unit test, their daughter told us about the plans for her birthday party and their youngest boy wanted to watch Charlie Brown Christmas over and over.

On Thursday, I met Chris in Indianapolis and we started looking for baby things. There are a lot of things out there that people can buy. We are trying to think ahead and prepare for our home study. We didn't buy a lot, but we decided to start baby proofing our house. We are also starting to look at baby furniture.

Today I sent information to our home study provider. We have to fill out an application this weekend and we should hear back from them in a few days. Chris is off on Monday for President's Day so I decided to take it off and we hope to get a good start on the paperwork. We plan on getting several copies of our birth certificates, passport photos and several other items completed for our dossier (doss-ee-eh).


Jess said...

How fun! It sounds like you had a great time with your friends! That is awesome!! And it sounds like you are getting things very organized :) Love ya!!!

The Bigelows said...

100% love the pastry diva! i hear her bachelorette party cakes come highly reccommended!