Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Things are moving fast!

Today around noon we received an email from our agency that there was an orientation tonight at 5:00! I am not sure how often these meetings happen so we jumped at the opportunity. We were both able to get home in time to attend the meeting. It was called a "webinar" and there were four other couples on the call. One couple was from North Carolina and they are also going to be adopting from Ethiopia! (I personally hope we can become friends and be on the journey together!) For 45 minutes we learned about our agency and we were able to ask questions. One couple that joined are actually in Korea and I thought we were far away being from Indiana. My bad.

Sometimes we do not know why God singled us out to take the path of adoption, but we are getting excited! We know that there is still a long journey ahead, but each day brings us one step closer to our child. Right now the ball seems to be in our court. We plan to get our documents notarized tomorrow evening so we can send in our paperwork on Friday.


jenn said...

how fun and what a great connection with others who are adopting! love ya lots..m.e.

Jess said...

That is so neat!!! I am sure you and that other couple will be great friends, what an amazing thing to have in common :) Thanks for keeping us all updated..this is so exciting! Love ya!

Suziqzer said...

Sarah... just heard about your adoption process & I'm so excited for you! Mark & I went through 5 yrs of infertility and we endured a few treatments each prior to having our little Levi. Our situation was different medically, but draining all the same.
We considered adoption several times, but never felt God led that direction.... yet I've always wondered about the experience :)

I'm happy that you found what God had in store for you and that it seems to be moving so quickly. After you've waited so long to start a family, it's got to feel good to see things happening.

There is something extra special about an adopted child... they are chosen... chosen to be your child. It didn't just happen to come along, it is a want, a desire- a choice you made and that is so special!!

I hope & pray all the best for the three of you (you, DH, and child) along the way and will be following you for prayer support.
God Bless!! Hugs!