Monday, February 11, 2008

Lesson 1: Ethiopian Flag

I am trying to learn about Ethiopia, so I decided to go to the library to get some books about the African culture. My favorite book was actually in the children’s section. I thought I would share what I learned about the Ethiopian flag.

The color green stands for Ethiopia’s fertile land. The yellow stripe represents Ethiopia’s religious freedom. The color red stands for the many lives given up to protect the country. Because Ethiopia was Africa’s first independent nation, many other African states adopted these colors when they gained independence. These three colors became known as the pan-African colors.

The blue disk stands for Ethiopia’s peace and prosperity. The star’s points, at an equal distance from one another, attest to the equality of all if Ethiopia’s ethnic groups, faiths, and genders. The shining rays are the promise of a bright future.

Chris and I think it is really important to incorporate our child's culture into our lives. My friend, Ashley, recently made burp cloths and since I am not sure what age our child will be, I am not sure if burp cloths will really come in handy for us. So, I decided to come up with my own pattern and create our very own Ethiopian Flag blanket.

I had a lot of fun putting this together and it was made with a lot of love. I really enjoy creating something and seeing the results a few hours later. It provides me a sense of fufillment.


jenn said...

wow you are talented!!! love the information about the flag!!! it is always so interesting to learn something new!!!...maybe that is why i check your blog so often :). well, that i just love ya lots...m.e.

Nick and Jill Juday said...

That is SO cool! :)

Jess said...

That blanket rocks!! That special baby will love love love it! What a lucky child :) Love ya!

zac said...

Where is the blue disk, star, and rays?