Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fun Activities at the Ponsler Household

This weekend, Chris and I were able to spend some time at home with one of our dear college friends. Adam came down to our place from North Manchester. He arrived early afternoon on Saturday and we seriously played the Wii for almost 8 hours.

I am not really into video games, but I could call myself an addict to the Wii. Once I start playing, I just can't stop. Chris and I bought the Wii to get our minds off of the unsuccessful IVF attempt and we absolutely love it. We are both extremely competitive and we have a lot of fun playing it together. Unfortunately, Chris beats me at every game we own except bowling. Sometimes I feel guilty for "wasting" time on the Wii, but then that feeling passes. Good thing!!

My parents came over about a week ago to play the Wii after they took Chris and I out to dinner. They loved it! We practically had to kick them out of our house or they would have spent the night here. My mom rocks at bowling and she even had the attitude to go with it!

On Saturday, we also made baklava. Chris studied abroad in Greece for a semester and he found out that he really liked this dessert. Adam has made baklava several times and he brought the stuff to our house to make this weekend. This is right down my alley. I love spending time in the kitchen. Baklava is not hard to make, it just takes a lot of time.

Adam and I mixing the pecans, sugar and cinnamon.

Here are the main ingredients. I told you it was simple!
Adam telling Chris about the recipe and how to work with fillo dough.
Chris and I putting the layers together.
I have never had to cut a dessert before I actually baked it. Interesting...

Chris decided to slap me with the leftover fillo dough. Does this surprise anyone?

The finished product. Baklava that looks like it is straight from Greece.


Zac said...

About an hour ago I picked up some pizza dough from a little italian bakery in walled lake on the way home from church and no joke was checking out the baklava wondering what it was made of (i didn't buy any). Yours looks pretty much the same as theirs. Nice work!

Brent and Lindsey Stevenson said...

Yummy! I love baklava...hmmm, maybe I should make some too! I added you as a link to our blog...hope that's okay! Congratulations on your recent adoption news! I am thinking about you and hope that everything goes according to plan.

jenn said...

okay, sounds like an absolutely fun time...and great job on that dessert!!! i'm so impressed!!! oh i miss fun to all get together again. and wii? i have faith you can beat chris..or atleast have fun trying! love ya lots..m.e.

Jess said...

What a great and fun post! That dessert looks AMAZING!!!! I sure do miss all of you! Love you tons and tons!

Kevin said...

ok, couple things here....first, are you really building/selling cornhole boards? cuz jen and i would be happy to buy some from you guys. second...if that Hohman ever comes to Kokomo again, i think you should call me and the three guys can hang out just like old times. looks like you guys had a blast!! peace!