Saturday, January 17, 2009

A couple better nights sleeping.  Starting to get filled up during the day and taking very little milk at night, which is the direction the Dr. said we should be heading.  We had the opportunity to visit with our friends David and Abbe and there wonderful twins.  They are all doing great.  We had a nice dinner and a chance to talk for a while.  Then all the kids, especially Tegegn decided they were getting tired and started to get restless.  Zac and Laura are coming down today with all the cousins so we are really excited for all the kids to play together and be with everyone.

This is a catholic church service and during the service while they are giving communion they hold these beautiful umbrellas over the priests.  Also while they are walking outside.  This is a picture of the head of the catholic church in Ethiopia.
This is Tegegn watching Baby Einstein for the first time.  We knew he had big eyes but my goodness we didn't know they were that big!

This is driving through Merkato.  Merkato is the largest market in Ethiopia and VERY overwhelming.  We didn't get out as it is well known for thieves and pickpockets.  So we just drove through and it was quite an experience just driving through.

This is the helper making Injera for us.  She makes it about every four days.  She is actually making a special one with Berbere and butter that was very good.  I can't remember the name.
This is a mini bus kind of like a taxi.  These mini buses go up and down the same road stopping several times.  What they do is the guy hangs out the window yelling where the next stop is and you flag them down if that's where you are going.  


Nick and Jill Juday said...

Sarah- I have been keeping up with your blog everyday! I just could not be any more excited for you and your family. He is SO cute...and so lucky to have you two as parents! Isn't it so AMAZING how God's plans work out??? Best of luck and congratulations again! :)

Natalie said...

I love all the updates on your blog! It's so neat to "see" Ethiopia and read all the stories you have to share. We're SO happy you guys had a safe trip and that you're all adjusting so well. Tegegn is adorable :)

Kevin & Laura said...

Congratulations! Tegegn is adorable and your pictures of Ethiopia are great! We will look forward to meeting you guys sometime and hope to have our little boy home in early April!

Anonymous said...

Dang...he is digging the Baby Einstein isn't he? His eyes are completely open. That picture reminds me of the one where Chris is dressed up like a blue man. =)