Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tegegn's Homecoming

Good morning,
This will be our last post before we get home.  We go to the Embassey today to complete everything for Tegegn's passport and visa.  Yesterday we did a little exploring.  The Lonely Planet book talked about a church made out of rock at a top of a mountain called Washa Micheal.  So we ventured out with Kifle.  The book said you will have to ask locals how to find this place and did we.  Once we found the road that headed up we had to ask about ten people where to go.  It was up the rockiest bumpy road we have ever experienced.  And guess who slept through most of the trip up.  Tegegn!  Sarah had him wrapped in her arms and somehow he slept.  We were all laughing at how bumpy the road was but the Tracker battled through and we finally made it.  This is a diamond in the rough.  By far one of the neatest places we have visited and a perfect ending to our time here.  Once you visit the rock church ruins the guide said do you want to go over look the city?  Ofcourse!  We walk through a forest of Euculiptis trees and it opens up to overlooking Addis.  This totally blew Entoto Mountain away in my opinion.  Tegegn was awesome the whole time.  He loves being outside and we never heard a peep the whole time.  He has been really great the past few days.  Had some rough nights mainly because all the grocery stores stopped carrying formula and we found a few left at one and it was for very young children.  We think that he isn't getting filled up like he was with the previous brand.  Ouyr host family said it was common for places to just stop carrying things because of issues of importing.  So we are going to try and adjust the amount.  He was sleeping great until we had to change.  Tomorrow is Christmas here because of the difference in the calendars.  It sounds like they are preparing a feast.  Not like they haven't been already.  They bring our paperwork to us on Thursday and we leave at 11:30 Ethiopian time Saturday night.  We are scheduled to arrive in Indy at 2:30pm on Sunday.  Anyone who would like to come to the airport is welcome to.  We are a little concerned about making our flight in Detroit because we have to get our bags and go through customs before we board our flight for Indy.  We will be in contact with our family to let them know if we have any problems.  We get into Detroit at 11:30.  We will probably eat lunch at the Indy airport which is very nice if you haven't been there yet.  We are coming in on Northwest.  Again no pressure but if you are in the area we would love to see everyone.  We are excited to see everyone again!  Wendi, our USCIS took about two weeks to get our appointment for finger prints and it took about three weeks after the fingerprints to get our approval.  We emailed the contact on the website about two weeks after our finger priints explaining our situation and we got it in the mail the next week.  I don't know if it was coincidence or they actually expedited it for us.  So total it took about 5 weeks.  
Love you and can't wait to see everyone again!
Chris and Sarah


Jess said...

Oh how I wish we could be there! We are totally there in spirit and I just know with all the lives you have touched, you will be overwhelmed when you get there! Love you!!!

The Davis' said...

Sarah and Chris,

What an amazing time for all of you! Kara gave me your blog address, and I have checked in a couple of times to see how your journey has went. Isn't being a parent the absolute most incredible thing that you have ever experienced. I am sure that even the rock church was more magical because you had your son with you. Carter's adoption has made us look at things so differently and made a great life so much sweeter. I am so overjoyed for you and can't wait to see what adventures lie ahead for your family. I wish you a safe trip home and look forward to seeing Tegegn at Relay. :)

All of our love and prayers,

Brandon, Lori, and Carter Davis
(Kara Keppel's Sister)

Jan Blomeke said...

Congratulations on all you have gone through to get this wonderful little guy. We are looking forward to seeing pictures of him soon.

Dina said...

I can't believe you are home!!!! Welcome home Ponslers. hooray. Hope your trip home was uneventful and that everything went smoothly. Praying for you often and thinking of you more. Love you all! (and I can't wait to meet the newest addition)

Laura Durr said...

I read your story in the Grapevine. Wow, what an amazing journey and the beginning of an exciting chapter of your lives. God is amazing, isn't He!
You probably don't remember me, but I stood next to you guys at the alumni concert for the "rythym of life" and some other songs.
Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. I hope to see a picture of your little boy soon. God bless you and your son.

Laura Durr