Thursday, January 15, 2009

Some more pics

First off, thanks for all the notes, comments, calls, food, support, emails.  We can't tell you how much it means to us.  We have an amazing groups of friends and family!  Tegegn is doing awesome.  He is playing great with both grandma's each day and we think the transition into them baby sitting is going to be good.  Knock on wood right!?  The nights are still pretty rough as he is waking up two or three times.  We switched to Vitamin D milk so he wasn't real hungry at night just needed comfort and fell right back  asleep.  

Some have asked about the picture at the top and it is one I took walking through the Eucalyptus trees at Washa Mikel.  There were some Ox roaming around.  It was by far one of favorite places in Addis Ababa.

These are the ruins of the Washa Mikel church.  It was carved out of stone.  It was bombed by the Italians when they invaded Ethiopia.  Around a hundred priests were killed when it was struck.  It is on top of a mountain so it was considered an important position in the war.

Nothing like food on the forehead, tear in the right eye, and a filthy face.  You know we had to take a picture.

Along with sheep, donkeys , dogs, there are also ox who own the roads.  This is a major road and.....a guy is herding ox right down the middle.

This is outside Trinity Orthodox church.  It is one of the most popular and important sites in Ethiopia.  We drove through the gate and were greeted by a guard running towards us asking us why we didn't pay.  We were a little upset at the idea that they were making us pay to see a church, so we just drove through.  It is interesting, the sites are always triple the cost for foreigners.  We later heard from some other tourists we met that they take you inside for five minutes and it's over.  So we were glad we didn't pay to see it.  The outside is beautiful though.

This is Kaldi's Coffee.  The Starbuck's of Ethiopia.  Very good coffee and it is also attached to a mall where we did some shopping and where I went to the internet cafe.  This is about a block from our house and we walked to this area at least once a day.  

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Lee Ann said...

I like the messy face! He's as cute as a button. How did the doctor's appointment go?