Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slowly catching up on sleep

Good news, Tegegn woke up yesterday using his wrist like nothing ever happened.  He was crawling around and climbing on everything like he was before.  We already had a doctor's appointment scheduled for him for tomorrow so we decided to wait and have them look at it then.  It was amazing, the first night of sleep, we all went to bed around 8:30 and he woke up at the same exact times that he did in Ethiopia but on our time.  We were a little jealous.  Because Sarah and I both woke up at 4 am and starving.  We had both grandma's hang out with us most of the day yesterday to start to get aquatinted and he did great.  Grandma Gerry even brought her new puppy over and he was making some interesting noises.  We think that he was getting a little jealous when we pet the dog because he was fine when he pet it on his own.  And ofcourse Grandma Peg was making him laugh more than ever.  We had a great time being with family.  We have really been surprised at how out going he is around new people.  He is still very clinging to us but has no problem showing off, and warming up to others.  

I know several of our friends have court dates coming up and some are getting ready to travel so I thought it might be helpful to see what the airport looks like.  Get ready to scan your luggage and carry on luggage 100 times on your way over.  All international airports we went through scanned our carry on every time we boarded a new plane.  Best to be safe I guess.

Some of the food we had from left to right, Macaroni, vegetables, Shera Watt (red) Watt is the sauce and the first word is what you put in the sauce Shera is kind of like lentils, Barley, Fish, and Sarah's favorite Sambosa which is kind of like an egg roll with different things in it such as lentils, meat.
A couple teeth coming in

There are a lot of new building going up in Addis Ababa and this is one thing that continued to blow us away.  They use wood posts for scaffolding and as you can kind of tell it's not real straight.  

This was one of the first nights, we were rolling because he was sleeping on his arms.  For some reason he loves to sleep on top of his arms.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, great stories, C & S. Thanks for sharing. Congratulations to you both--if you need anything, please don't hesiatate to ask! Can't wait to meet Tiny T.-Adam

Janet Whipple said...

Welcome home you guys!!! Great pictures :) Praying for you as you settle in!

Jess said...

I love these posts and updates and pictures!!! He is so ADORABLE!!!!

Angela said...

I love him so much already! He is soooo cute!! I seriously had tears in my eyes Monday looking at the pics and knowing you were home and could be a family! Love it and love you! Looking forward to letting our little ones play together... Ang :)

Katie said...

keep the pics coming!! Syd saw the one with the gray hoodie and kept saying how cute it was. To quote him, "seriously cute" I agree. Can't wait to be able to talk to you guys more!!

Amber said...

Glad you're home and things are going well. I look forward to meeting T and hearing more about your experiences.