Monday, January 12, 2009

Neil Diamond

Back in America!  It feels good to be home.  I had it all planned out just before we hit ground in Detroit I was planning to have America by Neil Diamond playing on the Ipod for Tegegn, well didn't happen.  Pretty rough flight.  I was letting him stretch out on the plane before we left and he was standing with my help and not sure if he slipped or what happened but his wrist popped, kind of sounded like when we pop our fingers, and it started hurting him.  Of course we felt horrible and were very worried, so we talked to the stewardess and she suggested paging a doctor.  She did and about 12 people came back, wow!  There was an incredibly nice pediatrician and a family doctor who felt like he may have just sprained it a little, but we went ahead and braced it and put a little sling around his neck.  So we plan to head into the pediatrician this morning and get it checked out.  Then we found out from Sarah's dad that we had no heat in our house.  Needles to say we were both a little emotional on the plane from Detroit to Indy.  Wonderfully her dad was able to get ahold of someone to come and fix it before we got home.  We had an amazing welcome from family and friends at the airport which felt better than we can describe.  We will get pics up soon and talk more about our journey!

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Emily said...

So glad to hear you are all home safely (poor little Tegegn)!